Please read the Entry Requirements page for details on what work must be entered in each category.

Entries must be uploaded by Monday, 16/02/15.

All work must be entered via entry Procedure

Either Sign In if you have an account or Sign Up if you don't (it's free).

Create one project for each of your three submissions (total of three Behance Projects)

Label each project Diamond Skulls <category> <your name> <project no.>

The categories are:

Art Director of the Year – AD
Copywriter of the Year – CW
Designer of the Year – DN
Director of the Year – DI
Editor of the Year – ED
Photographer of the Year – PH
Sound Designer of the Year – SD

eg: Diamond Skulls ED James Hawkes 01

Upload material to each project, note that there's a 50Mb limit for individual files.

Add a cover image and any tags you might feel are helpful.

Save your changes and publish your project.

Once published there will be a link to the project down the right hand side of the page.

Copy that link and paste it into an email and repeat for all three projects.

Optionally you can create a Behance Collection titled – Diamond Skulls <category> <your name> – to keep your entries organised.

Email the three links to

Entries must be uploaded by Monday 16/02/15