Nominations close at 12 midnight, Sunday 04/02/18.

If you have any questions regarding The Diamond Skulls, please shoot us an email.

New Category
Emerging Craftsperson of the Year. 

Emerging Craftsperson of the Year is open to all Art Directors, Copywriters, Composers, Designers, Directors, Editors, Photographers or Sound Designers who were not working in the industry prior to 2015.

Those entering the Emerging Craftsperson of the Year category may not enter other categories.

Those who qualify to enter Emerging Craftsperson of the Year are not required to do so, they may enter any other category – just not both. 

Please note that the Emerging Craftsperson of the Year Winner will not be considered for the Ultimate Diamond Skull.

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Please note that nominators must be padc or creative circle members – members are welcome to nominate as many individuals as they wish
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Nominator's Name (that's you)
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